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More Book a Table WET® Bar International Escape from the daily hustle and bustle! WET Bar features the ambiance and offers for WOOBAR 台北W飯店/關於 在WOOBAR您可以感受到兩種風情 – 在白天,陽光灑在溫暖的木質基底與釉光綠牆上,捎來閒適而愜意的咖啡時光;而夜幕降臨之際,風格一轉,讓色彩繽紛的調酒與音樂撼動不夜城,體驗截然不同的時髦台北夜生活! 菜式 小吃 體驗 酒吧與夜生活 餐廳及酒吧 酒吧 營業時間 週日至週四AM –AM (食物最後點餐10PM, 飲品最後點餐PM) 週五至週六AM – 1AM (食物最後點餐11PM, 飲品最後點餐AM) 下午茶用餐 每日 2PMPM (最後點餐PM) 萬豪旅享家會員禮遇 了解更多 會員優惠 賺取積分 致電我們 + 地址 WOOBAR, Taiwan, Taipei City, Xinyi District, Section 5, Zhongxiao East Road,號10F TOOTEN PHOTOGRAPHY CO. The state-of-the-art design and chic layout create an almost surreal ambiance, enhanced by a unique cocktail program and an fabulous menuWOOBAR. Seating can be scarce on a weekend night. Occasionally they have DJ events but there wasn't when we went. お食事なら、ヌーベル広東料理の粋をお楽しみいただける31階のアップスケールな中国料理レストラン「YEN」へ。. Love their cosmo and chicken wings. ちょっと一杯というときには、「Living Room」の斬新な WOOBAR offers the playground for gathering. Overall, good place for cocktails and Taiwanese food 在WOOBAR您可以感受到兩種風情 – 在白天,陽光灑在溫暖的木質基底與釉光綠牆上,捎來閒適而愜意的咖啡時光;而夜幕降臨之際,風格一轉,讓色彩繽紛的調酒與音樂撼動不夜城,體驗截然不同的時髦台北夜生活! Located in the lobby of the W Taipei by the pool. Delicious food and yummy drinks!

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It’s · EZ5 live house. The W Taipei has a fantastic location in the heart of Taipei (Xinyi District) and that’s one of the major benefits of this hotel. First of all, I wish I could give justice to the amazing experience I had in Woobar because in myyears in Taiwan, this Woobar experience was definitely on top of the most recommended SURPRISE Woobar at W Taipei; Woobar dreamy and fancy; Awesome Woobar experience; Woobar Information; Why is Woobarof the most beautiful places to visit in Taipei? Book an experience at WOOBAR/WET BarW Taipei. The fantastic live bands and limited size of the venue means obtaining a seat is a competitive endeavorOh yeah, looking through the menu and everywhere in Woo Taipei, no signs of saying the policy that each customer needs to order at least one dish; instead, there was a tiny little caption about a mandatory% gratitude for dine-in. Book an experience at WOOBAR/WET BarW Taipei. View booking policy ,  · W Taipei location overview. The entrance fee isn’t cheap, especially for Taipei but customers get two vouchers for food and drinks included in it. WOOBAR/WET BarW Taipei. EZ5 is an intimate performance venue which hosts three regular, local acts and live bands.

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The home of regular pool parties, Woobar features a modern, colourful style, with a number of fruity signature WOOBAR Lounge/Bar W Taipei No, Section 5, Zhongxiao East Road Taipei Taiwan wh@***** 2 Woobar, on top of the W Taipei hotel, is practically the only rooftop pool bar in the city, and is a popular party place as a result.

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The W Taipei in Taipei offers a wide range of world cuisine from its fine selection of bars and restaurants including WET Bar, Woobar, YEN woo bar taipei,大家都在找解答。 因緣際會在一天下班後走路到這間坐落於信義區忠孝東路W HOTEL (查詢房價)早就耳聞位在10F WOO BAR的好風景與水準儘管是平日,室內沙發 熱血中臺灣「woobar taipei」相關資訊整理Won't you unwind at WOOBAR, home to Taipei's most extensive and creative cocktails in our cozy Living Room.

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Sitting on the rooftop of the W Taipei is the WooBar, featuring a swimming pool and amazingly chilled lounge area ,  · 3) WooBar, Taipei We all know how exquisite the service at W Hotels can be, and W Taipei is no exception.

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